March 10, 2010

….is just weird. really weird indeed. came back from KT last monday blind-morning (pagi buta). instead of going to sleep, i went straight to the canteen planning on making some tea or nescafe and eat something. but the appetite just went the other way when i arrived. dunno. weird. the tv was on. 711. owh! american idol. 3 am?? since i haven’t watch the top 10 ladies on that day, i pursue with the ‘weird-acts’ of the day.

3.30am. gave up watching tv. decided to sleep. tomorrow need to work at 8. normally it is ok to wake up a bit late since the flexibility of working time here in cargill (as long as u do ur work, they say). however, since the thailand consultant is here, i just need to give good impression. also because i had a holiday on the 2nd day she was here. huhu.. “its ok. i’ll give u a lot of work to do when u came back”, she said last friday evening. thus, i expect the works going to be crazy when i came back.

so, i was in the pure algae culture room at 8 am. ok. not true. not-so-8 am. and she wasn’t there. “great”, i said. doing a bit this, a bit that, she came. she just watched me doing me work. i asked, she answered. i asked again, she answered . but no extra works given. huhu..¬† i was on the moon…

later in the evening, i just did the lab works as usual.. today, my boss just said no need to do any vibrio checking and water quality analysis unless requested by other technicians. hoho.. only have to check water holding tanks and maturation tanks 3 days once. and only do vibrio checking on phase 2 larvae. weird.. normally as long as he’s around, i just can’t have a rest.

hopefully the ‘pleasent-weirdness’ continues =)

p/s: PnP postponed to next week. takutnye.. oh ya. saje tulis english. english sudah berkarat. mau gilap sikit bagi berkilat T.T


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